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I am disappointed with this tape player. There is no auto-stop, so upon rewind of fast-forward, one has to manually check if the tape has stopped, then stop manually. Also, the headphone jack does not work if you have a 4-pole jack, like the one in my Bose QC-20 headphones, which works with basically anything. Sound is okay-ish but with heavy background noise. Buy only if desperate for a new portable tape player.

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    Hello dear Giacomo Paganelli The small Cassette players currently on the market do not have the automatic stop function in the fast forward and rewind functions, which requires us to stop manually We are also satisfied with the level 4-pole jack you mentioned, but you are buying the basic style, this function can be matched with you only if you choose it Thank you very much for purchasing our products, and thank you for giving us positive feedback. We will pay attention to these issues and continue to optimize them in the future. Thank you
    19 Apr 2023
    This can be used on music player or voice recording. DC Jack such as USB-cable is required or battery in order to work. AUX cable can require if needed to record from other audio source.
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